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TRAININGS AND CERTIFICATES  I  Benefit from the technical knowledge of our VISAATEC experts. Our seminars, certification and product trainings are intended for owners and employees of floor grinding firms. The aim of our training programmes is to provide the right preparation, the correct sequence of grinding processes and the precise application of the various grinding, polishing and cleaning tools. The final results are also dependent on the adjustment and handling of your machines, for example the correct production speed for the various grain sizes. This is why our trainings are always conducted at the customer's premises using your own machines. Finally, course participants receive technical knowledge on how and when to use and apply various chemical products. A perfect finish can only be guaranteed by the correct combination of preparation, tool selection, machine settings and the use of chemical products.


PRODUCT DEVELOPED TO CUSTOMER REQUIREMENTS   I  As experts with many years of experience, we also find the right solution for your special requirements since one of the services we offer is product development.

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